Outward Adventures in Lifelong Learning Series

Shepherd's Center of Greater Winston-Salem hosts:

Winter 2018 Series

Thursday afternoons January 18 - February 22

Location: Mt. Tabor United Methodist Church, 3543 Robinhood Road

Complimentary & Integrative Health Treatment Alternative Talks

Thursdays 1pm

January 18 - Women's Wellness: Understanding Thyroid and Weight Loss (Dr. Bradley)

January 25 - Master your Metabolism (Dr. Lee)

February 1 - Overcoming Osteoporosis: How to Build a Better Bone Structure to Avoid Falls and Fractures (Dr. Nixon)

February 8 - Brain Game: Avoiding Alzheimer's, Dementia and Parkinson's (Dr. Bradley)

February 15 - Gut Check - Change Your Food, Change Your Mood: Defeating Depression, Insomnia and Anxiety (Dr. Lee)

February 22 - Forever Young - Avoiding Arthritis and Maximizing Your Mobility (Dr. Nixon)


Critical Decisions Leading Up to and Influencing the Outcome of World War II

Thursdays 1pm

January 18 - Churchill and the British Cabinet decide to fight on despite the fall of France, while Mussolini decides to take Italy into the war on Germany's side

January 25 - Hitler decides to attack Russia, while Stalin decides to ignore all the signals and warnings of a German invasion

February 1 - Roosevelt decides to lend a helping hand to Britain and eventually decides to wage an undeclared war against Germany

February 8 - Japan decides to turn its plans for conquest south against the European colonial empires and then decides to attack the United States

February 15 - Hitler decides to declare war on the United States and to embark upon a policy of genocide calculated to kill the Jews of Europe

February 22 - The course of the war has been determined by these "fateful decisions" and the six leaders of the Axis and Allied Powers must face the challenges of global war


What are Outward Adventures?

  • Short enriching series courses led by peers, professional educators and retirees with passion
  • No membership or annual fees are required to participate in any Outward Adventure 
  • All six-week series offerings are at a cost of $50 for the entire series; or you may elect to pay $10 daily
  • Pre-ordered lunches are offered for an extra cost of  $9.00 per day. The purchase of a lunch is not required to participate
  • You may attend one or all of the dates of the six week series


To  sign up for the series or to obtain more information:


Contact the Shepherd's Center at (336) 748-0217 or E-Mail Us

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