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The Shepherd's Center of Greater Winston-Salem

1700 Ebert Street, Winston Salem

NC 27103

Phone: (336) 748 - 0217

Fax : (336) 724 - 6545

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About Us:
 The Shepherd’s Center of Greater Winston-Salem

Our Credo:  Promoting and Supporting                    Successful Aging


Mission and Background: The Shepherd's Center of Greater Winston-Salem is an interfaith ministry whose mission is to promote and support successful aging by providing direct services, volunteer opportunities and enrichment programs for older adults.  The Winston-Salem ministry was founded in 1985 and is an affiliate member of The Shepherd’s Centers of America, based in Kansas City, Missouri.

The local organization has grown from a small task force in 1985, to a vital segment of the aging services community in the greater Winston-Salem area with 3,000 members and over 500 active volunteers who provide in excess of 30,000 volunteer hours yearly. More than 5,000 older adults are served annually through the center's programs and services. Over 2,000 individuals and families receive services through the Faith In Action Care Program that allowed them to remain independent in their own homes. These services included visitation/respite care, transportation to medical appointments and grocery shopping as well as minor home repairs.

The Vital Living Program Senior Center programs have an attendance of over 30,000 participants each year, providing life-long learning opportunities, health promotion and fitness activities, bridge, creative arts, book and discussion groups, day trips and fellowship opportunities. The Shepherd's Center is certified as a Senior Center of Excellence through the North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services and is a model "senior center without walls". 

The Congregational Nurse and Health Ministry Program serves as an advocate and community resource for the promotion of holistic health within Forsyth County. Congregational nursing and health ministries integrate medical knowledge, behavioral science, and pastoral care with the practices of a faith community to improve the health of citizens. Based upon a volunteer model, nurses and lay persons from the participating congregations are volunteers within their own faith community. Training, continuing education and networking are provided through the program to support the participating congregations. 60 congregations and over 200 nurses have participated in the network since 2009 reaching over 90,000 individuals with wellness support and services.  

The Shepherd's Center of Winston-Salem is located at 1700 Ebert Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 . Our telephone number is 336-748-0217. See the following link for a map to our location.

Click here to see a map to reach us

The Shepherd's Center of Greater Winston-Salem is first and foremost a volunteer-based organization.  The use of older adult volunteers has resulted in keeping operating costs low and provides older adults with volunteer opportunities that keep them active and give them meaning in their lives.  

Our Organizational Concepts:

  • The Shepherd’s Center views older adults as a potential resource for the enrichment of the life of the community, rather than a social problem to be solved.  Aging is seen as a process of becoming fully human, rather than of becoming less human.  Later life is seen as potentially rich, exciting and meaningful.  Older adults are seen as possessing skills, experience, wisdom, and matured judgment, which can be called upon for service, and it is believed that fulfillment in later life requires that adults be allowed to assume significant roles which they can enjoy and which the community can appreciate.

  • The Shepherd’s Center is based on the concept that older adults must be challenged and empowered to assume responsibility for their own lives and for the development of programs affecting them and the community as a whole.  Older adults in the community are called upon to assume a central role in the organization, governance and operation of the Shepherd’s Center.  Rather than being taken care of by others, they plan and carry out those programs through which they serve one another and the community.

  • The Shepherd’s Center is also based upon the concept of community which implies that older adults care for each other because they care about each other.  It attempts to organize the community as the most effective coordination of the delivery of resources, for linking adults in need with resources and for generating whatever new services are needed.  The Shepherd’s Center is thought of as a watchful presence in a community concerned about all older adults, not merely the frail, homebound, poor or dependent.

  • The Shepherd’s Center seeks and depends upon the support and sponsorship of the religious congregations in the communities being served. The Shepherd's Center does not attempt to do for the congregations what they are expected to do for their own members, but it does enable congregations to work together to accomplish what they could not do separately.  In this building of community, the Shepherd’s Center seeks to enable individuals and congregations to draw upon and share their own insights and common values, without violating particular individual religious traditions.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • The Shepherd’s Center is predominantly a volunteer organization.  We see the use of volunteers not only as a way of providing needed services at a low cost, but also as a significant way of enabling adults to invest their time and talents in meaningful and self-fulfilling ways. 

  • The Shepherd’s Center works to sustain older adults who desire to live independently in their own homes in the community.

  • The Shepherd’s Center provides retirees with the opportunity to use their life experiences, training and skills in significant social roles.

  • The Shepherd’s Center enhances life satisfaction in later maturity and enables self-realization through artistic expression, community service, caring relationships, life-long learning and discovery of inner resources.

  • The Shepherd’s Center demonstrates life at its best in later maturity so as to provide attractive role models for successful aging.

  • The Shepherd’s Center contributes to the knowledge base of what is required for successful aging, and experiments with new approaches and programs for meeting the needs of older adults.

Our Values

  • Inspiring – people’s lives with faith, meaning and purpose

  • Educating – for informed decisions, personal growth and self-expression

  • Serving the needs of older adults

  • Supporting – healthy, active and independent life style

  • Enriching – the quality of life in later years

Our  Vision

        The Vision of the Shepherd's Center is to be the leading interfaith volunteer ministry in our community that provides older adults with needed services, volunteer and educational opportunities.


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